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We started this blog to share neat stuff with you. From tips and tricks to help your club find efficiencies, to sharing our favourite photos or videos. If you have a great blog idea, send it to We’d be happy to consider it for our next one.

Why we Launched a Mobile App to Connect Sports Players and Clubs

We launched a Mobile App to Connect Sports Players and Clubs. Wooh! OrbitPlay helps players connect, organize games and get updates from clubs. Unfortunately our timing isn't so great (being winter and all), but we will promote it in full ...
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Go Pro Tennis

We're about to launch our mobile app, OrbitPlay. It connects tennis and other sport players, whether they belong to a club or play at public facilities. To promote it, we thought it'd be fun to have our favourite tennis player, ...
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6 Fun Ideas for your Tennis Club’s Social Media

Many tennis clubs feel they lack the time or expertise for social media. Others aren’t sold on its value, given daily priorities, or even, club member demographics. While social media might seem daunting or trivial, your efforts can go a ...
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