Online Registrations

Who Uses OrbitHub?

OrbitHub is used by sports clubs, community associations and other organizational bodies. It was designed to reduce the administrative challenges these organizations face with its online registrations, online booking, and league management software. Learn about our other handy platform tools below.

Webpage Builder & Custom Domain

Our webpage builder includes pre-built templates that allow you to create sleek-looking pages, almost instantly. What’s more, your organization’s name will be part of the URL for all your OrbitHub pages.

Mobile App

Our mobile app, OrbitPlay, helps your members connect, find partners at their skill level, and Play More. You can even promote club events with sponsored ads and notifications!

Mailout Integration

Streamline your email communication process. Your members can opt-in to email lists during the registration process, which will sync their emails to your Mailchimp lists.

Introducing OrbitHub Video

We Have You Covered

When choosing a technology partner, ensure the right foundation is in place. OrbitHub’s modern platform is responsive, secure, and flexible.


Built with responsive design, our pages are supported on all devices. Whether your members are at home, or on the road, they can easily register for events, book facility time or get the latest club news. By leveraging the latest technology, we provide a simple and convenient solution for your members.

Safe & Secure

We take the security of our platform very seriously. Our server infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services, the same cloud-computing platform that powers major sites, like We use SSL to encyrpt and protect all the data passing from your computer and our servers. All payment transactions on OrbitHub are entirely handled by our provider, Stripe. It is a certified Service Provider Level 1 supporting companies like Uber and Adidas. We would also be happy to tell you about the internal policies and tools we have in place to further enhance our security.


You can host your full website on OrbitHub, or connect your existing website to our platform. The choice is yours, and your organization's name will be in the URL.


We know how important the right data, reporting and analytics are to understanding your business and making the best decisions for it. With OrbitHub, you will have access to key information, like booking trends, member activity, or even how active your guests are. If we don’t have it, our flexible technology will allow us to create most reports.